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Let Our Family Care for Your Family

Dr. Christi Cheng is concerned with the total health of you and your family and is trained to diagnose and treat a wide variety of ailments. As an experienced physician specializing in family medicine, Dr. Christi cares for children above the age of seven and adults, including the elderly. Children younger than eight years of age are advised to see a pediatrician. Dr. Christi provides the highest quality service to safeguard your continued well-being.

Our Mission

It's the goal of Dr. Christi Cheng and her staff to deliver health care compassionately and competently. We want to get to know you as a person, not just a patient, in the context of your family, culture and community. Dr. Christi promotes a caring environment. She accomplishes this through a patient-centered, health-care delivery system that combines prevention, comprehensive clinical skills, and coordinated care.

Continuum of Care

Our focus is on your general wellness. Preventive care is a critical element for ensuring your good health, emphasizing its holistic nature. Dr. Christi Cheng takes your health very seriously and emphasizes disease prevention and health promotion. During your visits, we will obtain a thorough history, provide a comprehensive exam, and provide cancer, osteoporosis and other routine and recommended screenings. As well, Dr. Christi provides ongoing care and management for various medical conditions.

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Schedule a doctor’s appointment instantly with Dr. Christi Cheng. We are accepting new patients. Use our convenient online booking feature above. Or reach us by phone or email:

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Call: 510-912-0105

Fax: 510-924-7559 | Email: christi@drchristicheng.com

13847 East 14th Street #108, San Leandro, Ca 94578