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  • Dr Cheng is an excellent Doctor. She doesn`t judge or discriminate, is very thorough, works with people on medicare medicaid, and cares about her patients.
    — M. P., Vitals.com review
  • "She was very quick but thorough and attentive to detail. The convenience of the Saturday appointments was great!"
    — Ashley C., (Verified Patient) ZocDoc review
  • "I have been with Dr. Cheng for close to 5 years now... She is my favorite doctor and has always done me right."
    — madass d., Yelp review
  • "My visit with Dr. Cheng was great. She was sweet and seemed very knowledgeable. I will go to her again."
    — Nichole J., (Verified Patient) ZocDoc review
  • "She was great and made me feel very comfortable."
    — Nuumai L., (Verified Patient) ZocDoc review
  • "Overall, she is a great doctor and would recommend her to anyone that's looking for a doctor. She's not your typical doctor who would write you a prescription just to speed up the process. She actually takes her time, evaluates you and runs tests to make sure you're fine. I love her. I would be damned if my insurance changes and not be able to keep her as my doctor."
    — wendy h., Yelp review
  • "Dr. Cheng is incredibly nice, very patient, and completely sympathetic to all questions and concerns -- she even gave me her personal email address for any followup issues I might have. In short: she's fabulous. :-)"
    — Nico C., (Verified Patient) ZocDoc review

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