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Family Medicine | About Us

Dr. Christi Cheng and her staff are committed to helping you manage your health. Dr. Christi specializes in diagnosing a wide range of health issues, yet she is equally focused on maintaining your long-term wellness. A primary care physician is your personal healthcare advocate. Here are a few good reasons for coming to see us.

  • Injuries
  • General health issues
  • Routine checkups or physicals
  • Arranging referrals to specialists
  • Preventive health and wellness information

As a general practitioner licensed to practice medicine in California, Dr. Cheng specializes in family medicine. She holds a medical degree at University of Pittsburgh and has more than 20 year's experience.

To make an appointment, use our convenient online Schedule An Appointment feature. Or call us. Your good health is our business.

Dr. Christi Cheng, M.D.

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Schedule a doctor’s appointment instantly with Dr. Christi Cheng. We are accepting new patients. Use our convenient online booking feature above. Or reach us by phone or email:

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Call: 510-912-0105

Fax: 510-924-7559 | Email: christi@drchristicheng.com

13847 East 14th Street #108, San Leandro, Ca 94578