Rosacea is a chronic condition that primarily impacts the facial skin, although it may also impact the neck, scalp, chest and ears. Those with rosacea experience regular flare-ups of redness, webbing capillaries (tiny blood vessels) and even pimples across the affected area that can make them uncomfortable in their own skin.

During the treatment, pulses of light penetrate the abnormal blood vessels, disrupting their blood supply. Without this supply, the tiny vessels cannot cause the discoloration. Over time the redness caused by rosacea will fade, revealing your natural beauty. This 30-minute procedure can significantly reduce the appearance of rosacea. Most patients see the greatest results after having multiple treatments and experience no noteworthy side effects. You may have a mild sunburn sensation after the procedure, which will resolve within a few days. We’ll evaluate your condition and customize a treatment plan to help you get the best results.

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